Progress Report

Susannah, Sam and I are looking for a few more families to join us on Bowen Island.

First of all, thank-you for your patience. We are figuring out this whole marketing piece as we go and have determined that we are more the old-school, ‘face-to-face’ types. For better or worse, we are still making our way up the  learning curve.

Several years ago, our family purchased this magical 83 acre property overlooking King Edward Bay on Arbutus Ridge. We’ve since taken the property through the approvals process and it is now rezoned and entitled to allow for 30+ estate residences set on a sunny South-facing ridge of forested parkland with access to King Edward Bay

We’re looking for individuals and families who want to join us in building a community here, either part-time, or year round.

If you’ve made a trip up near Arbutus Ridge in the past year, you’ll notice things are changing. There have been big machines doing substantial work. The team been doing a fantastic job on the water infrastructure, individual lot servicing, and road build. The project is 70% complete so we’re in the home stretch.   You’ll be hearing more from me as we near completion.

There’s been a tremendous grassroots interest in the 9 lots that make up phase 2. Friends and friends of friends are joining to build their  homes and lives at Arbutus Ridge and all but 3 lots are spoken for. If you’ve been meaning to take the plunge but haven’t yet, now’s the time. If you need another look — head up on a weekend and go for a walk. The lots are much easier to see now that forest has been cleared for the road and its a really beautiful place to go for a hike.

To date, we’ve had no real estate agent or sales team (we haven't done any real marketing at all for that matter), and yet seem to have sold all but the last three estate lots in this phase. We are building this community from the ground up and so connecting with our future neighbours is important to us. (If you’re an agent—we’re nonetheless very happy to cooperate so long as we get to meet your client).

We live in Vancouver and are happy to connect over coffee or vino with anyone who knows about Bowen and is ready for life's next great adventure. Feel free to bring your kids  as we may have our five-year-old in tow.

Drop us a line when the time is right for you.  We look forward to getting together when the time is right.


David, Susannah and Sam

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