A bit of background on where this came from and where it's going

It all started with a dream to move our family to a farm outside of the city. We wanted a strong sense of community, something we weren't finding in the city. In our dreaming, we came across this magical 83 acre property overlooking King Edward Bay on Arbutus Ridge.

We decided to stake claim to this place and began sharing our idea with anyone who'd listen. Almost immediately, like-minded people got wind of what was happening and expressed interest in being a part of it. I have a legal/financial background and began marshalling the financial and technical resources that would enable the dream to take shape.

Fast forward a few years and every property sold to date has been via word of mouth. While we didn't know this was our strategy setting out, we've come to greatly appreciate it as it's allowed us to form a connection with our neighbours, a natural beginning of our community. We are in similar stages of our lives and all looking for something a little different than what we currently have. We're all on the verge of building homes for our families and greatly anticipating this new place.

As phase 2 nears completion, we'll have created 11 new lots for community members. As of right now only 2 remain available. While the details of the subsequent phases are yet to be determined there will likely be another 20+ lots for sale. Moreover, a significant portion of the land will be dedicated as a support network for families and children with unique needs and challenges. This social venture will be at the centre of the community and closely connected to other communal infrastructure.

If this all something that sounds too good to be true, you should probably get in touch. There are few chances in a life to turn dreams like these into reality.